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I have been getting a few questions about how I made my personal facebook page’s cover photo and I thought that you might be interested too!

Here are a few examples of what I have use in the past few months for my cover photo:

(note: The text images I found on Pinterest . If you made one of these, let me know and Ill give you the credit that you deserve. I also love them by the way and would buy a print. Just saying.)

I like the idea of having a few photos that really sum me up right at the top. I also want to keep my profile photo the same for a little while because if I changes it with every new fun photo session that Dan and I take on our adventures, I’d be changing my profile photo all the time. Instead, I just change up the photos on my Cover Photo montage and I get to keep things fresh without making a big change constantly. I also like the idea that my profile pic is yet another one of the photos scattered on this pretty fabric. You know what I mean?

So the big secret is that I use Picasa to do this. That’s right. The dreaded “free editing tool” of Pro Photographers everywhere. I am not one of those. While I NEVER edit images with it, I have found it is a great place for making collages. It is SO much simpler than Photoshop and is accessible to everyone. To make a collage simply choose the photos you want to add, arrange them, set the size (for facebook use 851×315 px), and save it. It’s that simple. Also, see this pin for an info graphic on other facebook photo sizes that may be helpful if you really get into it and want to customize everything.

I did it for our business page as well. I tried a few options but settled on two images for now that I think really tell our style. With Picasa though, there is not problem with changing it up whenever I want.

Think of the possibilities with your wedding, anniversary, recent vacation, new hair cut? I can’t wait to see yours!

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